Face it, we all need a little more joy right now. And the best way to bring color back into our lives — local art!

Colorado Publishing House has joined with local artists to produce the first coloring book featuring all the things we love about the Pikes Peak region. 

Here’s how it works. Your support of our coloring book not only helps our local arts community, it helps support local, independent journalism. In today’s environment, neither can survive without interested, involved, committed support. Local artists who created pages received $500 each for their work and we will split the proceeds of the book with the Artist Recovery Fund.

Click below and pay for the coloring book. Remember, we ask that you don’t share this download. If you do, you are harming the earning potential for these local artists, many of whom have not be able to sell their art — and who may not be eligible for government assistance. 

Don't forget, there are huge mental health benefits from coloring – less stress, more fun. It’s exactly what Colorado Springs needs right now!

Buy a Colorful Colorado digital coloring book featuring 25+ pages crafted by 15 local artists and some of the Colorado Publishing House team. 
Please don’t share this download. Doing so harms local artists and their efforts to earn a living during a time when COVID-19 has shuttered galleries and events. 

Local, independent reporting takes two things: courage and reader support.

As we rise to the challenge every day, consider supporting the Colorado Springs Indy provide local journalism for the Pikes Peak region. We can't do it without you.

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